Awesome Bar Graph Generator

Hello fellow coding and gaming enthusiasts. I have started work on a new, although very simple application that draws a bar graph in different colours onto the screen. Believe it or not this is one of the most challenging things I have done in my coding journey so far. To many, a bar graph may seem simple and quite monotonous but it has brought me to understand new coding terms, functions and phrases that I have struggled with in the past. That’s the awesome part of this bar graph generator. I have learnt something new! I wasn’t an A student in mathematics at high school, I was okay at trigonometry and I didn’t enjoy geometry. I’ve been able to do things that I never dreamt of doing when I first started coding. My somewhat limited mathematics knowledge has proved a useful trait in my endeavours. I have improved over the years and my addition and subtraction is something I’m quite proud of.  I can now answer some of those quick fire mathematics questions that will be asked of someone nearby when in peril and the never-ending question of who still owes money on the bill at the restaurant you’ve been at for the past 30 minutes, can also be solved, by me.

Coding is so exciting and I’ve really enjoyed starting and continuing the process. I hope to start a game making journey at some point in the future. That would be the next step. Maybe sometime soon.

P.S. Try out my bar graph generator to the right and download it on

There are still many things I would like to change and I will implement those changes soon.


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