Developer Tools

Good day everyone. I have been making games and pixel art for a few months now. It is new to me and I meet challenges that push me to my limits. I would like to share some sources of inspiration and some tools which have made it easier to begin this journey of game development.

The first tool, which started with a conversation with a friend of mine, is Gamemaker Studio 2. It is a phenomenal development tool and game making engine developed by Yoyo Games Ltd and it has helped me make a few small but significant steps towards developing a fully-fledged game.

The second tool is Aseprite, which is such a fun and modest but powerful pixel art development system. I spent hours of time developing and creating pixel art with this app. Such a fun interface and create for creating almost any type of pixel art.

The third tool is Udemy. What an incredible platform! It has given me the opportunity to learn unique and relevant skills. It has given me a better understanding of pixel art and game making. A shout out to Heartbeast and Shaun Spaulding for the amount of information they have available on their youtube channels and Udemy. Fantastic work.

The last tool is It is a great site to get inspiration for games and find new indie games that are exciting and fun to play.

Lastly, off the topic, I’ve just updated Sluggers on Mac, so you can download the app and play it there or you can play it on your Mac by downloading it from the widget on the right hand side of the page. It is also available for Windows. I will update the Windows version in the next day or so.

Thanks for catching up with me and remember, keep dreaming!


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