This is where it all happens. Take a look at my new projects, game art and future endeavours. I will try to post information regularly and I hope you come back and add this site as a bookmark. I’ve got lots of information to share. Enjoy browsing and have fun!


I have recently started game development and it is a hobby of mine at the moment. It has been about 5 months and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the process. It has been a long time coming that I end up working on something game related. It brings me lots of joy and excitement to make games and pixel art. I am using a game engine called Gamemaker Studio 2. It has exceptionally good pixel art editing software that is used within it and it uses Gamemaker Language as a programming language. It is similar to Java and C# in many ways but developed from the ground up by Yoyo Games Ltd.┬áThere will be more challenges and excitement ahead on my journey, I’m sure of it.

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